Claims Made Smarter

We Systemize Health Insurance Claims

Remedi Technologies Inc

Technology-Based Solutions for Insurance Companies

Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors in the world. North Americans spend a significant portion of income on health insurance.

Remedi Technologies specializes in designing and building electronic insurance claims networks. We make submitting health claims quick, convenient, and easy.

Software Technology

We design systems to automate repetitive or laborious tasks using software technology. We customize networks for each insurer and focus on any type of claim.


We directly benefit insurance companies, worker’s compensation boards, TPAs, professional associations, and their clients.

Remedi Technologies Inc

Our Experience

We have over seventeen years of experience in software and electronic insurance claims. We provide services all over North America. We are an inseparable part of today’s healthcare system playing a vital role in helping the system to not only function but be efficient and smarter.

We are working to inspire a better healthcare system with innovative clinical, financial, and management solutions.